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Dragon City Hack and Cheats

Dragon City Hack tool has a single purpose: to simply find a way to enjoy a game we love so much without paying any real money. These cheats make it very easy for us to have all the fun we want, while our money is saved. To ensure smooth game time, we have simply made it compatible with all browsers. It functions awesomely on both iOS and Android devices. We have also put an anti- ban system in place to ensure that you play undetected and enjoy your unlimited resources over and over again.

Although we are not new at creating hacks for various games, hacking the Dragon City took us a little more time than usual, but it was all for the best. We have successfully hacked the system used by Dragon City to send as well as receive requests from their game servers. We also managed to cheat them into providing us with much needed resources. Above all, we are incredibly proud of our ability to generate an unlimited amount of free Gems. Of course, Gems are the main and most valuable currency in this game. Another thing you would love about our Dragon City Hack tool is that it also generates free Gold and Food. It comes equipped with a user friendly interface, and absolutely free of viruses.

Dragon City Cheat with Web Based Script makes it easy for you to freely generate unlimited gold, gems as well as foods on your account. The plan is to cheat dragon city with the use of our web based script. This means that downloading anything is out of the question. Considering the dangers of downloading software to any computer; this is pretty much some good news.
Our dragon city cheats is extremely easy to use, even for beginners who are totally inexperienced in the use of such cheat. All you need to do is follow a few step by step instructions. These include, filling out your profile ID, then going ahead to choose the platform on which you are playing. This could be directly on Facebook, android, or IOS. Hit a button, and you are good to go. Our dragon city cheats also ensure that your account is absolutely protected, so that it does not get banned or detected. We spent a lot of time on this particular feature. And for god reason too. It does not make any sense for your dragon city account to get banned just when you are beginning to enjoy access to unlimited gems. We tackled this problem by coding an advanced encryption system that safely protects every single account using script.

Main features of Dragon City Hack

  • Free and Unlimited Dragon City Gold, Gems And Foods
  • Web Based Script. Download out of the question
  • Updated Regularly
  • Advanced Encryption System to keep your account absolutely safe.
  • Totally Free!
  • Works awesomely on Any Device, all over the world
With this hack tool, you can increase your play experience on Dragon city, and then go ahead and play this social game with your friends. Already you have an edge over all other players you would be playing with, while boosting your profile with a huge number of points at the same time.

Using Dragon city online Hack & Cheats

We all know that one common threat to every internet file is the possibility of getting infected by spam bots as well as malicious threads. This is why we have covered any concern you may have in this aspect. Although to hack Dragon city gems could be complex, it is not impossible. All that is needed is that you verify your identity and, you are set! The following outlined steps should be followed to clinch your desired deal.

    1. Enter Your Facebook id or Dragon city Username
    Enter your Facebook id or username for Dragon city

    2. Select your Platform of choice

    It is important we know the particular platform your club is connected to, because login-servers vary.

    3. Select amount of Gems

    Ensure you select the amount of needed Gems to add to your Dragon city account.

    4. Select amount of Gold

    Ensure you select the required amount of Gold for your Dragon city account.

    5. Select amount of Food

    Remember to select the amount of Food needed as addition to your Dragon city account.

    6. Complete a quick survey

    Kindly fill out one of our affiliates surveys. There are 3 reasons for this:
      a. To be sure you are truly human.
      b. To restrict and monitor the amount of daily code generations
      c. So we could pay staff as well as for servers

    7. Check your Dragon city Account

    Restart the game immediately, enjoy the results you see, and remember to re-share the feedback.

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Dragon City Hack Gems – for real?

What we have been doing for the last 2 years is carrying out an intense study on the workings of dragon city encryption. We focused on how this works from player to server connection, and then the other way round. We tried hard to find vulnerability within their system so we can use that to our advantage. To be honest, it was hard, but we did make a Dragon city hack tool happen at last. Now, you can trust us when we say, it is quite possible to make dragon city hack gems work for you, as long as you know how.
Of course, it would be very unwise of us if we let you in on how we succeeded in making the dragon city hack tool work. If we do, DC mods would just go ahead and patch!